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Every writer knows the rush when words and thoughts transcend the physical world, somehow emerging from the muse to the page in front of them.  It is this rush that drives us, pushes us, fulfills us and sometimes frightens us.  The experience of writing is sometimes trance like in its intensity.  It is in this trance that the background world fades away and there exists only you, your muse and the page in front of you.  I can look back over certain things that I have written and can remember how the paper felt as the words flowed from my pen like blood onto the page.  Words come so fast, ink flowing as ideas explode inside your mind, sending you on that insane fury that leaves you unable to keep up.

This is where the idea of “Chasing the page” comes from, and I prefer paper journals for this very reason.

The physical act of writing.

Feeling the pen rush across the page.

Struggling to keep up with the flow of words.

That is what it is like when you are chasing the page…

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