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10/01/2008 – There are two chapters in this book – (c)

there are two chapters in this book – 10-01-08 (c)

there is a book that i am reading,
a book that has but two chapters,
the first slightly more than half,
the second slightly less than double

the history before this book is already past,
it’s lessons learned or not
the future after this book is coming,
it’s lessons taught or not

but at this moment, here
with this book, open on the table
the past path leading here
is easily seen and understood

and at this moment, here
with the pages of this book
flipping quickly past
i sit quietly in contemplation

the chapter i chose to read,
the consequences of this action,
made with a measure both,
of action and reaction

no need to know the future,
if this choice was wise or foolish,
only the awareness that it is done,
or very soon shall be

and of the other chapter,
the one with pages left unturned,
sitting silently, mute in the binding,
of the book on the table,

that other chapter,
slightly less than double,
didn’t provide the relief from,
the the past, present, and future

as those problems were
caused in the past by choices
made in reaction to things
unactionable at the time

and the future burden,
found in the latter half fo the book,
seem to weighty a burden,
and had but one way out

this chapter, the one i’ve read,
the one i’ve chosen and accepted,
gives both relief from past, present,
and from future burdens of both

but the lessons found,
in the here, now, past and future,
the things taught will be unlearned,
unless the teachings stick

there are two chapters in this book,
the ones before are the path to them,
the ones after, the path away from them,
only one of the chapters is worth reading

may my choices always be,
of conscious actions of a present mind,
and may they never come up from within,
the emotional reaction to things around me.

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