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thoughts swirling…

My mind is getting overloaded. I’ve got a concept that is BEGGING to be written, but my muse is not really playing along. Not that the muse isn’t also interested in the idea, hell the muse came UP with the idea. It just seems like my logical side wants some research, some background, something to root the concept in. My muse could, of course, ramble on for eternity but it doesn’t always make sense. My muse can also take a concept and run with it, which is why I’m wanting some background. It’ll be a nice springboard.

The biggest problem right now is that my muse is being rather quiet and unhelpful in putting the pieces together so that I can figure out where to start with the research/background etc. THAT my friends, is the most irritating thing my muse does (aside from the random things that come out of me that I had no idea were in there, it’s like the muse keeps secrets sometimes).

Damn muse, I swear if you don’t get this going I’m gonna do you bloody harm. I need a little help here, please? Something, ANYTHING to get started with. You got nothing, huh? Fucker.

The thing is, as to the spectrum of this concept, I’m really not sure where I fall. I know where I USED to be, and where on the spectrum I HAVE been. But I really have no idea where I am now. I am keeping myself at one particular spot though, which is where I think I’ll end up falling. It’s interesting as I had no real idea that I’d feel this way, or at least feel this way again. Granted the last time I felt this way, I was incredibly naive not to mention young. And I have bounced all over the spectrum since then, but now it feels like I finally understand something that makes me all the more sure that I belong where I fall now.

There are a few who know the topic, and some of you know where I have been on the spectrum.

If we’ve talked about it, please no posting replies that give it away (here/twitter/facebook/myspace/etc). It’s still a work in progress and I am seriously trying to avoid outside influence. Which so far has been easy since this topic really doesn’t seem to be discussed in public anymore.

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