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Awaken… – 10-07-08 (c)

Each and every one of you are mindless, worthless, lazy bastards! Puppets, with the hands and arms of your teachers, parents, bosses, spouses, family, friends, the entire world, sometimes elbow, hell even occasionally shoulder deep in your asses. Aping the same soulless, entropic, meaningless bullshit that has spread around you for eons beyond imagining. You are parrots, speaking half thought, half learned, half understood and half intelligent phrases, concepts, beliefs that are no more reflective of the world that is truly around you than muddy rivers can reflect the boundless clarity of the sky and universe around you.

Blinded. By ignorance and your refusal, stubborn and unwavering, to truly seek knowledge regardless of its source or true meaning, you march, asleep, into oblivion, with no more than a soulless, selfish, obsessive desire to maintain your own world view. Stuck in the webs of your own making, you steadfastly refuse to be disturbed, touched by the things outside the veil of your blindness.


Realize what you are! Realize where you are! Realize that this is NOT a condemnation of you and your world, but a plea to open your eyes and hearts to the world of the real. There is nothing wrong with you and where you are! It is perfect, enriching, evolvable soil to plant the seeds of knowledge and awareness All of the parts of ourselves can be lessons, teaching us of our own neuroses. But to plant the seed, to germinate your curiosity, to cultivate a life becoming, living, being, is only as difficult as taking the first breath.

None of us learn to breathe as an act of conscious choice. It is an autonomic condition of the human experience. We take for granted the simple act of living because we fail to breathe for the the sake of the moment. We forsake the tenderness of a simple thing for the ease of ignorance and discomfort of our predicament. Human life.

But to stop for one precious moment. To breathe as an act of choice. To use the breath as a tool, to bring ourselves to the moment. Here, now. To exist only for the breath and let go of all the mindless chatter of ego as it attempts to distract us from the beauty of the simplicity of the most basic of lifes necessities. The breath.



Exist, here with me in the moment between the breath. Capture the stillness of that perfect moment, easy and empty. Expanding yourself into an existence that is infinite and without comprehension or measure.

And in those spaces between the breath, see that life is yours. And a journey that is becoming truly awake and aware. Of everything around you. Through you, inside and out.




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