Monthly Archives: December 2007


Character Studies

Soft. He was so, well soft was the only word that came to mind to describe him. It was everything about him that came up with the sum total of that word. But that wasn’t the only thing that came to mind as I sat motionlessly absorbed in the very essence of him there alone with me in the room. Soft. Those lips that launched his voice out across the space between us were full and round. His voice a quiet blessing of sound, velvet hues of grace spilling from his mouth. His was a voice that might be missed in the reckless insanity of life lived without pause. But for me, the small gifts of sound he gave me each day in greeting were a wonderous thing. The lustrous fawn colored eyes always peering sidelong glances at everything.


Sharp. From the clean crisp vanity that dressed him each morning to the point of the stud pierced below the center of his lip, you could tell he was obsessed with looking the part. Razor clear lines of hair, expertly trimmed, met the angles of his jaw line. Deep, crystaline blue eyes shot out from behind designer frames. Everything was perfect, nothing out of place for him as he surveyed the world of mismatched unpaired unfortunates before him. Each foot placed purposefully in front of the other as he marched from place to place issuing commands to those who served him. Things with him were always exceptional, even the vacant expression that he gave to you as he walked by a ghost in designer shirts.

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