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06/30/2007 – (untitled) – (c)

06/30/2007 – (untitled) – (c)

    Reeling, Placeless

      Without anchor


  Amazing what differences there are between the ache and pain of the heart and what lessons are learned by the mind from the trials placed on our love.

  As the heartbeats begin to falter with the crumbling of pain and sorrow, our mind seems to learn the lesson that we should shut ourselves down and cease to feel or love.

  As our hearts bleed tears of unfulfillment and the fog of misery sets in to shore.  The vanguard of thoughts are strengthened by the lesson our mind has learned, and begins with military precision, to put up the shields and barriers that our love had overcome.  That safe place created by the vigilance of self preservation fights against the open seas of loves journey.  It holds us, keeps us.

  As the mind and lessons work to shield us from further storms of agony from the darkest parts of the waters of life, our heart slowly suffocates.  Cut off from the very life and love that made its beats strong, fierce and proud.  Slowly, very slowly, it uses up the last precious drops of air in this claustrophobic, safe, secure, suffocating, sterile killing chamber found in the cocoon of auto martial reflexes of the mind.

  As the mind seems close to victory, we then learn the strength of that heart.  Trapped alone in the lock down of the minds protections.

  Boom, Boom.

    Boom, Boom.

Beats battered by barbarian fate played out as pirates in our lives.


Slowly, slipping sideways into oblivion.

  Then, as the last beat seems imminent.  As the prison doors seem permanently locked into place, as the heart is about to falter its last beat and pass into the cold cruel place of loveless, gray existence.

  There, then.

    In that moment.

      Here, now.

        Is where I am.

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