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09/14/2006 – Craftsman – (c)

09/14/2006 – Craftsman – (c)

Searching, Seeking,
What do I desire?

Images flashing
along the insides of my eyes
blazing brightly to life
seeking meaning in this life.

Mark me, o master,
painter of souls
traveling onward
down long dusty roads.

Paint me, as canvas
you maker of souls
created from the art
of turning our dreams to reality.

Stain me, so strongly
so even death will not part
me from this image
inside brought out.

Stab me, this torture
as you carve out my flesh
dreams made solid
with each stream of pain.

Frame me, this body
full of lifes journey
art hung on nails
dug deep in the earning.

Make ME, o craftsman
into the world that I see
showing on all sides
the path that I tread!

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