Monthly Archives: August 2006



So a dear friend of mine gave me some homework after a long discussion about writing. This was a few days ago and we were sitting outside her store after close. She challenged me to write a story about an Indian princess, since I see this attribute displayed by her on occasion.

Tonight I asked her for some music to use as inspiration, to get a better feel for the story. Along with 2 cd’s (which rock from what I’ve heard so far), she loaned me 2 painted pieces (smallish, like 5×8) a bag, and a small mounted trio of ivory statues (the center one is ganesh (sp?))!! I couldn’t quite believe it, but they will definately help give me the inspriation to channel the right feeling for the story!!

The story itself has already taken a twist that I didn’t expect when the princess woke up with someone in her bed! It’s like I told my friend, “You start a story, and these characters just walk into the scene and introduce themselves!”.

I wish I was off tomorrow so that I could work on the story all day. It will have to wait until Sunday night or Monday night. *sigh* But, at least I have some KICKIN’ inspriation!!!!!

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