Monthly Archives: October 2005


10-08-2005 – Becoming 2 (c)

Sitting here, pretending to be alone. Becoming 1, 11. Separate, yet still together. Wondering what will become of the 2 that I used to be.

And in this moment I need to be needed, I want to be wanted.
I love to be loved.

But not by you,
with who
I became 2.

This singleness inside,
is reaching out
to envelope me and make me whole.

This dislocation of self
coming home in the night.

The door we’ve passed many times before,
now standing open.

Yet still I wonder,
do I dare,
do I dare.

To take this return to self,
into myself
and become
who I am
who I truly want to be.

Is courage enough
said the joker to the thief,
to find the way out of here
to get some relief.

Is it enough to know that it exists,
that which you want,
or must you conquer.

Find the things you lost,
lying discarded along the road,
the road of your regret.

Pick them up,
pack them away,
for the trip you’ll take,
if you can break away.

Away from this feeling,
this consolation,
of here I stand,
there I long to be.

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