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03/11/1997 – Overton Park (c)

03/11/1997 – Overton Park (c)

lined up like ants
approaching a feast
not wanting the dance
they search for the beast

sitting and waiting
each in their place
desperately wanting
searching each face

searching for a sign or key
that knowing glance
at last their eyes meet
and they begin their dance

the dance, only for show
as presenting a feast
and finally they know
they both seek the beast

doing their deeds
they grunt and they groan
spilling their seeds
they suddenly moan

they rest and then breathe
they’re suddenly dressed
they make ready to leave
the beast now is at rest

they both realize
once they’ve committed their sin
how indifferent they’ll act
if their paths cross again

they knew from the start
before they began
they both played their part
and are alone once again

it happens by day
and more often by night
but once they’re away
their world is afright

their dreams terrorize
at night they awake
they cover with lies
fearing their lives are at stake

this russian roulette
so often they play
sheets soaked with sweat
as they start a new day.

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